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    What Are the 3 Types of Fats in Food? 

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    What is Saturated fat?

    Saturated fats are solid at room temperature, which is why they’re known as “solid fat”. Saturated fats are mostly in animal foods such as cheese, milk, and red meat. When it comes to poultry and fish they have less saturated fat than red meat. This is why it’s a great idea to substitute turkey ground for hamburger meat. Saturated fat is also in a variety of oils like tropical, coconut, palm & cocoa butter. Usually you’ll find tropical oils in many snacks and in nondairy foods, such as coffee creamers. There is a high content of saturated fat in foods made with butter, margarine or shortening such as cakes, cookies, and other deserts. Saturated fat can raise your cholesterol and can put your health in a higher risk category. A healthy diet should have ideally less than 10% of daily calories from saturated fat. This may seem difficult to do but once you get really good at reading labels, learning to substitute when cooking and focusing on what you’re eating, it will become very easy.

    What is Trans fat?

    Trans fat is fat that has been changed by a process called hydrogenation. Hydrogenation increases the shelf life of fat and makes it even harder at room temperature simply put hydrogenation preserves fat. When fat is harder it makes crispier crackers and flakier pie crusts. Trans fat can definitely raise your cholesterol, so eat as little trans fat as possible. You’ll find trans fat in processed foods, snack foods like chips and crackers, cookies, some margarine and salad dressings, and foods made with shortening or partially hydrogenated oils. So, you must read the nutritional labels and learn to cook healthier meals.


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    Tips for Choosing Domain Names for SEO Purposes 

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    SEO is a term that is used when referring to search engine optimization. SEO is used to increase your rank among search engine results. The higher you are ranked the more people who will become aware of your existence on the web. SEO is something that many of the higher ranking businesses have been using in order to maintain their high rank.

    SEO is not only a tool that can be used by large businesses; you can also take advantage of the many benefits that SEO has to offer. Your first step would be to choose a domain name that will help in your SEO marketing. There are some steps you can take to ensure that the name you choose will help you get recognized by the most popular search engines.

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    Sony Xperia S O2 Deals Released 

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    The brand new Sony Xperia S smart phone has now been released on O2 deals, this is the first ever handset from the Xperia range to be branded simply with the Sony logo after the company decided to drop the Ericsson name from its future product launches.

    Consumers can order Sony Xperia S deals on O2 with line rental charges as low as £13.50 per month and offers that include a free phone are available from only £21.50 per month, this is on the O2 100 tariff which includes 100 minutes of calls, 500 text messages and 500MB of data to use every month.

    This latest Android phone joins the likes of other flagship models such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and HTC Sensation XL and offers one of the fastest dual core processors currently available on the market, at 1.5GHz the powerful chip is only matched by the HTC Sensation XE and is even faster than the Samsung Galaxy Note’s 1.4GHz dual core unit.


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    The Economic Recession of 2007 

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    What is Recession?

    Recession as stated by economists is the condition in which the economic growth slowdowns and all the elements of economic growth start to fall down in terms of their average measurement. The question is if the economy does not perform for one or two months, then do we call it as a recessionary period. The answer to this is ‘No’. A standardized period for making sure that the economy is hit by recession is when the factors of production and the related elements begin to decrease and is constantly decreasing for two or more than two quarters.

    The elements that are being referred to here are namely the following:

    Gross Domestic Product or the GDP





    Because of the fall of the these elements there is a great impact on all business whether be it local or global and the revenue of the firms and their subsequent profits starts to decline. The global village is considerably hit as well as all the firms these days are multinational in nature and they interact and trade with firms of countries and buy or sell their products in various countries or are dependent in some or the other manner. Hence in a decline phase all the countries also suffer in different levels and degrees.


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    Cheap TCI 142200 Torque Converter – 

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    Looking extremely eye-catching on her wedding day is a desire of every woman. Some women cannot get a wedding dress that can give them a slimmer look. However, you are not required to get anxious about this because selecting an excellent dressmaker can take care of this issue. An excellent dressmaker can provide you a wonderful wedding dress as per your body framework. In this form of outfit, you will absolutely look sexy and beautiful. I must tell you that a well-tailored bridal dress can emphasize your best body features. This form of wedding outfit can easily play down the parts you think are not so strong. It is difficult to find such kind of outfit from the market. Therefore, getting the best dressmaker may be the most appropriate solution of this issue. Your complete wearing should be ideal to get a perfect sleek look. You should try to deal with the stress before your wedding day. It has been confirmed that lower level of stress helps your body in looking slim. This is very helpful on reducing weight

    Most of the brides have an incorrect diet program. They don’t want to take a daily work-out due to laziness. It is crucial to take a little work out from day-to-day if you want to look slimmer in your bridal outfit. A little effort can help you in looking slim in your preferred wedding dress. Unwanted liquids are very risky for your body. I recommend you to take regular massage in order to get rid of all the excess liquids. It has been noticed that most of the brides cannot rest well when their wedding day is fast approaching. Several essential reasons are accountable for this. Some of the wedding brides to be, cannot rest well due to pressure while the others may be concerned about marriage budget. You should rest well without getting concerned about anything. This will help in decreasing the fat.

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    Jump Into The Blue Ocean 

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    One of the things I love most about a Cirque du Soleil production is that the curtain separating the artist from the audience has been removed.

    In a traditional circus (or live show of any sort really), the artist can go past the curtain and drop his/her role. Cirque du Soleil shows create an environment where the artist has to remain in character for the full length of the production. In this way, both the audience and the artist feel part of a larger show.

    This opens up endless performance possibilities – of all sorts.

    Any Cirque du Soleil show is unconventional. Sure, there are tumblers, but they are bouncing on beds, not trampolines. There are trapeze artists, but they twirl in the centre of giant chandeliers, not between platforms. And what garden-variety circus is likely to begin with a death-bed scene starring a midget and a dying clown, with a band of acrobat angels hovering overhead? It could only be Cirque du Soleil!

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    Asus RT-N66U – An Excellent Router You Should Consider Upgrading To 

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    If you are thinking of replacing your existing router for whatever reasons in your connected home or in a small office home office (SOHO) environment, then you should seriously look at the Asus RT-N66U as your replacement. If you are not a techie, reading reviews to get a sound judgment to buy a technical network product like a router can sometimes be very daunting and confusing; especially with all the technical jargons thrown into it.

    For those of you non techies out there, I would like to make this article as simple as possible so that you will know whether you should buy or not buy Asus RT-N66U router by the end of this article.

    What Is The Asus RT-N66U Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Router?

    First of all, what is the Asus RT-N66U? In a gist, it is a simultaneous dual-band three-stream “N-900” router with one Gigabit WAN port. The “N-900” indicates that the RT-N66U can support 450 Mbps link rates when both radios are set to 20/40 or 40 mHz channel bandwidth.

    Duo band allows you to split your internet usage to maximize usage. One band will be used for basic internet usage such as web surfing, email and file loading while the other band will be used for HD content streaming such as watching movies, listening to music and online gaming.

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    Commercial Agents – Servicing Landlords in Commercial Property Today 

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    Commercial property management today is a specialised part of the real estate industry. The landlords that we serve require expertise and experience to ensure that their property performance and rentals are optimised.

    Thatbeing said, there are a number of variables to be balanced and structured into the property performance plan for any landlord. Here are some of the main ones:

    1.The tenancy mix and profile for the property
    2.The rental opportunities as they apply to the sitting tenants
    3.The lease terms and conditions as they apply to the tenants in occupancy
    4.The maintenance of the property to allow it to function successfully for the tenancy mix
    5.The outgoings costs relating to the property operation throughout the year
    6.Arrears rectification processes as they apply to the tenants that are in default
    7.Vacancy management within the property to minimise loss of rent and loss of outgoings
    8.Enforcement of the lease documentation and terms and conditions as they apply to each single tenant and the circumstances of each occupancy

    So there are a number of things to think about here and help the landlord with. These factors become challenging the larger the property. This is where the property performance plan and the building budget become integral to the financial planning of the property over each financial year. It is the job of the property manager to ensure that these processes and reports are well considered and structured.

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    Commercial Agents – 5 Ways to Attract New Tenants 

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    When it comes to commercial property performance today, keeping tenants within the property is fundamentally important to the cash flow and the lease stability. Essentially you are minimising any threat of vacancy, and if any vacancy is to occur, then the vacancy should be managed through a marketing campaign and a careful tenant selection process.

    That being said, there are ways to attract tenants to your commercial buildings. Here are some ideas to help that process:

    1.Investigate all other comparable properties in the local area that compete with your subject property. Contact the tenants within those buildings to see if they would like to relocate at the end of their lease. It will be necessary to maintain contact with these tenants regardless of the initial response that they give you. Situations change for business tenants today as will their expectations and desire to move to other premises.

    2.Identifyany properties that are up for sale with other agencies. It is possible that the sale process creates frustration with the tenants within the property. Establish the connection here and maintain contact in case circumstances change for them.

    3.In every property precinct there will be older buildings that are suitable for renovation or redevelopment. Invariably these properties are prime candidates for losing tenants. Maintain contact with the tenants in properties of this type; one day they may choose to upgrade their status of occupancy or quality of building.

    4.In any property market and at any time, there are levels and types of incentive that can be used to influence tenants to make a move to another property. The use of incentives is not new however some landlords really do not do it well. The basic concept with using incentives is that the cost of the provided incentive should be recovered from the lease deal over the initial term. As to the types of incentives that are used today, they are many and varied depending on the needs of the tenant. Importantly the landlord should be flexible and open to the use of incentives to encourage tenants to move to their property. Types of incentives to use would include rent free periods, rent reductions, landlord provided fit out, landlord cash incentive, and discounted rental. Ask around the market to see what some of the tenants are wanting today to lease a property.

    5.So many times you will see the property being promoted for lease where the internal tenancy layout remains unchanged from the last tenant vacated. The landlord will have done nothing to improve the presentation of the property on the premise that alterations will be made when the new tenant is found. Invariably this is a difficult and time wasting exercise where there are numerous vacant properties available nearby for a tenant to choose from. As and from the very first inspection, the subject property should appear in its very best levels of presentation to encourage the tenant to make a wise and final decision on leasing the premises. Do not pose hurdles or problems for tenants; make the premises look good and ready for occupation.

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